Flash Web Design

Professional Flash Website Design

Our company also happens to specialize in Flash design as well. We can incorporate Flash elements into your website in several ways.

For clients who simply want a rotating banner or a single element of the site in Flash that can be done. Also, for clients who want large amounts of user interaction within their sites that too can be accomplished using Flash.

If you wish to have media on your site, Flash offers one possibility for incorporating audio of video into the site.

If you are interested in using Flash elements in your site let us know at an early stage of the interview process . They will then create storyboard versions of the animated elements which then upon having the mock up approved, will be sent to the Flash developers to create.

It should also be noted since our company also specializes in SEO optimization that Flash elements in a web page are harder to optimize; that means that it is more difficult to improve search engine rankings of websites that contain large portions of Flash based elements.