Terms of Service

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Southeast Accessories, LLC dba 899WebDesign.com  , will not be held responsible for Service Outages resulting from non-Southeast Accessories operated equipment including, but not limited to, Internet NAP failures or congestion and backbone failures. Additionally, Southeast Accessories,LLC will not be held responsible for delays in the registration or transfer of a domain due to Moniker related issues, for outages resulting from malfunctioning customer scripts or applications that are installed by the customer, nor for unusual traffic spikes or “denial of service” attacks on customer web sites.
Additionally, service outages will not include downtime due to acts of God, nor for outside security breaches. Finally, Southeast Accessories,LLC will not be held liable for service outage damages resulting in the loss of prospective profits or anticipated sales or as a result of expenditures, investments, or commitments in connection with the business.

Hosting and maintenance ($49.99/month):

Services include: changes and updates at no additional charge (2 hours/month, note: no rollover from month-to-month). This applies to basic changes or updates and not to full redesigns or complicated additions such as adding Flash Animation designs, multiple pages, full graphic designs, shopping carts, or interactive scripts created, added or modified. It does include adding or removing photos, images, changing color scheme, adding specials, schedules, calendar changes, adding new products or services, modifying text or address and information changes. We will always consult with you on changes and inform you of any costs prior to making any changes.

Design and setup fees must be paid in full prior to starting the design work on your website or marketing . Monthly hosting fees are billed automatically by major credit card on your scheduled billing cycle. To keep costs and employee resources down, we bill your credit card automatically on the same billing schedule each month. If billing is declined, we try it again two times over the next week and we will notify you of decline. If it is not corrected and payment is not made within seven business days, we reserve the right to suspend services until payment is received. As an alternative to automatic credit card billing of hosting services, clients may pay for hosting services six months to one year in advance. Any exceptions to this payment policy must be approved in writing by an authorized member of Southeast Accessories,LLC Executive Board.

Hosting clients may cancel their service at any time by submitting their cancellation in writing (either by email, snail mail or fax) at least 30 days prior to their next billing cycle. Southeast Accessories,LLC will keep the assigned hosting space and/or website active for the remainder of that billing cycle so that client has time to retrieve all needed content from their site, or to migrate their site to a new provider. If you need help with moving your website, our staff can assist you with that, website migration services are billed at $45/hour .

While we will make every effort to design a site to client specifications with the intention of assisting clients to succeed with their Internet website, we cannot guarantee success. Southeast Accessories,LLC nor any of it’s officers , employees, subsidiary companies, or owners can be held liable for the failure of a website as a venture.

Additionally, Southeast Accessories,LLC cannot be held responsible or liable for any upsets or damages caused by a website that we have designed, or a client that we have created an online presence for.

We reserve the right to refuse our services if a website is deemed inappropriate by our executive board. This includes sexually explicit, violent, unethical, fraudulent or questionable content.

We reserve the right to refuse service if a website’s content is found to be in conflict of interest with any of our existing clients, subsidiary companies, executives or companies formed by our executive or advisory board.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel existing service if deemed appropriate for the overall benefit of our company. Where an existing client’s account is canceled by Southeast Accessories,LLC, if the client owns all content, we will give the client 10 days notice to retrieve all site content and relocate their site. Where Southeast Accessories,LLC owns site design and content, we reserve the right to cancel service at any time with refund to client for unused services. Southeast Accessories,LLC can not be held liable for any loss of business or upset created by canceling a client’s service.